How you can change your smartphone become ATM machine?

How you can change your smartphone become ATM machine?



Freemyapps is a website that offers you points that can be used to redeem gift cards from Apple iTunes, Amazon and many others.


Disclaimer: Although freemyapps also offer other gift cards, when I say gift cards in this post, I only mean iTunes gift cards, amazon gift cards or Google play store gift cards.

Gift cards are common in USA. A gift card is like a voucher, sold by a particular company/store/business, and have real monetary value. This means that if you redeem Amazon gift card with a face value of $50, you can buy goods worth upto $50 from Amazon with that gift card or pay a little bit more. They are sold in

Apple, for instance, sells gift cards that could be used to purchase apps, songs, and books from the Apple app store. They usually come in $10, $15, $25, $50 and $100 denominations. So instead of using money from your bank account, you could also buy gift cards from Apple and redeem them online at the app store to purchase items from the app store(Its like when you buy your Starbucks drink with the Starbucks Card). People in the US often give gift cards as presents on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. Giving gift cards seems a lot more appropriate than giving money when you dont know exactly what gift to buy.

Aside from being used as gifts for others, there are also those (like me) who use gift cards to buy goods or services for themselves. I prefer it that way because occasionally, you can purhcase gift cards at discount. For instance, I once bought a $100 Apple gift card for only $80, saving me $20.

Note that apps are usually is sold in $=US Dollar.

UPDATE: Apple now accepts gift cards for online purchases of items from the apple store application.

You can read more about gift cards here

My current itunes gift cards balance


my amazon account balance


Just to recap, we redeem gift cards from the freemyapps points that we collect.

So in short, you earn real money by collecting points on the freemyapps website. Its completely fine and should not harm your phone’s software. Did I tell you that you can buy in-app purchases with the gift card balances too? So yeah, nothing to lose here, I just want to share this with you guys because I also didn’t know about this until last year, and I have earned almost a total of $100 worth of itunes and amazon gift cards from Free MyApps. And also, the more devices you use , the faster you can collect points and redeem the gift cards.

If you have a US itunes account, you can follow this guide straight away. Otherwise, please refer here to make a US itunes account (its free, plus the US Store have more apps and books!).

With that lets jump ahead. Just follow the steps and you should be fine In shaa Allah.

Step ONE

Go to this link to prompt you to the website

or use your smartphone scan this QR code:code

Note that you need to use your iOS/Android Device ONLY, You CANNOT use your computer

Step TWO

You need to install the certificate from freemyapps(nothing to worry, this is to make sure your phone will get the points). Just click the install button and you will be directed to your ‘settings’ app and will be asked whether you want to install it or not. Click ‘install‘.



After that you will be taken back to the website and it will ask you to install an application and try it for 30 Seconds. Click download and then it will prompt you to the App store. Download the app at that appstore (usually its a free app, i have never seen any paid apps on Freemyapps).

For this example I’m going to use Angry Bird 2 that have just been released.

Click the ’App’


Click ‘Okay


It will then prompt you to the App Store. Download the app.


Don’t do anything else while you’re downloading it. Just wait until the app is installed. After it is installed, click open and use the app straight away.

open the apps immediately after installation


Use it for a minute or two, if the apps ask you to make an account just make one and then cancel it later. Don’t accept any request to allow notifications or locations. Just use the app, explore around.

Do not allow anything unless it is a must

Step SIX

After about a minute, go back to the freemyapps website and wait for a few seconds, the webpage will reload by itself and you will earn your points, if not, you can refresh the webpage by yourself. you will only get 20 points for the first app you download, but after that you can download other apps that are worth up to 280 points.

Points Earned!

If you like to buy things from amazon, you can always redeem as small as a dollar with 300 points from the redeem page. But if you want to redeem an itunes gift card, the minimum gift card value available is $10(sometimes they offer $5), so you need to collect 3000 points to reedem the itunes gift card.

You can refer here at the freemyapps page for any FAQ


  1. Make USA itunes account if you dont have one —> This step is only necessary if you want to redeem itunes gift card, if you are using android, you have to make google play store account, so on and so forth.
  2. Open the website
  3. Install the certificate(iphone will ask you whether to trust this source or not, click install) here
  4. Download the apps
  5. Play the apps
  6. Collect your points
  7. Redeem your points!



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